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Grace Memorial Bridge Photo Gallery
These pictures form a small collection taken from two scrapbooks of photographs tracing the building of the Grace Memorial Bridge over the Cooper River, from early November 1928 to the first car driving over on opening day August 8, 1929. The scrapbooks were created by those involved professionally in the construction of the bridge and later donated to the Charleston County Public Library. The photographs show along with the progress of construction, such sights as a Paramount “sound-picture” truck preparing to shoot a film about the completed bridge, the Drum Island mascot “Billy”, a woodcutters camp in the Santee River Swamp (a source of the bridge’s pilings.) These photographs provide a glimpse back to a time that is being repeated today with the construction of the new bridge spanning the Cooper River.

The scrapbooks are kept in The Charleston Archive at the Library. A scanned copy of the scrapbooks is available for public viewing in the South Carolina Room, as the original scrapbooks are quite fragile. Questions and comments can be directed to the South Carolina Room at 843-805-6956 or e-mail us.