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Saul Alexander Gallery

The Saul Alexander Foundation Gallery of the Charleston County Public Library provides space for juried art exhibitions, solo or group, at the Main Library, 68 Calhoun Street, Charleston, SC 29401. Preference is given to work reflecting experiences and viewpoints of South Carolina residents. 

Submissions to exhibit can only be accepted during September of 2015. The works of each selected artist or group will be exhibited for one month beginning in March of 2016. For more information, please email Sarah Burriss at burrisss@ccp l.org.  

Applications, which must be included with an artist’s submission, are available online, at the Main Reference Desk, or by calling 843-805-6840.

Please click here to download the Gallery Application.

Gallery and Display Case Policy:
The Charleston County Public Library offers an opportunity to South Carolina artists and craftsmen, who have been selected by a jury of local art professionals, to present their work to the public.

With the exhibition space serving as an avenue for the respectful exchange of artistic and conceptual ideas within a diverse constituency, these exhibitions should reflect the varied experiences and viewpoints of the people of South Carolina. The Charleston County Public Library Gallery Committee selects artists and craftsmen for inclusion in the exhibition schedule solely on the basis of the quality of their work.

Submission Guidelines:
Artists must submit a current resume and a minimum of 8, maximum of 12 examples of their work in the form of photographs, CDs or other electronic medium appropriate for display to the Charleston County Public Library Gallery Committee.

Examples submitted must be representative of the work intended for display, and appropriately labeled with the artist's name, the title, medium and size.

Artists must be at least 18 years old to be considered by the gallery committee.

The work should not have been previously exhibited at the library. Preference will be given to newly created works.

After the Charleston County Public Library Gallery Committee has met to select those artists who will display in the following year, those selected will be notified and assigned their exhibition month.

The director of the library has final approval for all exhibits.

Gallery Exhibit Standards:

  • Works on paper and photographs should be protected with glass or acrylic glazing. Acetate or shrink-wrapped works are not acceptable.
  • Alternative framing (with artwork sandwiched between glazing and backing) held together by plastic or metal brackets is acceptable if a secure hanger is provided.
  • For mediums not requiring glazing, such as paintings on canvas or fiber art, a sturdy framework with hanging wire is required. Lattice strip framing is acceptable for paintings on canvas.
  • The gallery utilizes a cable suspension system. A secure hanging wire attached to the picture is required.
  • Artists will be required to hang their own works. Special hanging arrangements will be made for library sponsored exhibitions. All hangings are subject to the approval of the gallery committee.
  • Case displays will be subject to the approval of the gallery committee.
  • Dimensions of the Saul Alexander Gallery are as follows: When entering the gallery, the left wall is 17'8", the rear wall is 14'6" and the right wall is 19'2". The room height is slightly more than 8'.

Installation Standards:

  • A committee member will approve the installation of exhibits in advance and after completion.
  • Artwork, labels or business cards must be on heavy stock and must not be glued or nailed to the wall. Double-sided tape or pushpins are permitted.
  • If the artwork is for sale, the artist must submit a list containing titles and descriptions as well as prices. The list will be available to the public at the information desk. The artist may have business cards at the exhibit.
  • Works that are sold must remain in the gallery until the end of the exhibition, except under special circumstances.
  • The library will not be responsible for artwork not picked up at the agreed upon time.
  • The library will generate press releases for the opening of an exhibition and an announcement of the exhibition will be included in the library’s monthly calendar. The artist may send out their own publicity at their own expense.


  • It is agreed that the Charleston County Public Library will not be responsible in any manner to the exhibitor or the owner for the items or fixture pertaining thereto, in the exhibition in case of theft, destruction or injury thereto from any cause.
  • It is agreed also that the exhibitor or owner or both named hereto, are responsible for timely delivery, hanging and pickup of their work.
  • It is agreed that the number of items, including frames and mountings, which may be exhibited in a given space and the arrangements thereof, will conform to all requirements as may be prescribed by the gallery committee.
  • It is agreed that the exhibitor is responsible for transporting the art works to the library, for planning the display, arrangement or hanging of the exhibit, and for providing necessary materials and tools.

Approved by the Charleston County Library Board of Trustees, October 1998