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Naming of Libraries

1.   The library will carry a name that reflects the geographical area in which it is located or which it serves, in order to be understood by patrons. For example, “The Mount Pleasant Library.”

      Exterior signs will identify each library as such; i.e., "The Mount Pleasant Library," and it will be further identified as a branch of "Charleston County Public Library."

2.   This guideline notwithstanding, should a donor contribute a significant amount toward the cost of a constructing a new library or securing land for the library, the Library’s Board of Trustees may recommend naming that library after the donor.

3.   Additions or rooms may be named after a donor in circumstances in which the donor paid for a substantial portion of or the entire cost of the addition or the room (including construction or renovation costs).

4.   Offers of furnishings, equipment, programs or other services will be reviewed by the Library’s Board of Trustees or its designated committee and acceptance will be based on consistency with service and facilities plans, the adopted gift policy and other relevant policies and procedures.