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Upcoming Library Board Meetings

Library Board meetings are held for the purpose of conducting business necessary for the operations of the public library system in Charleston County. These meetings are scheduled for the 4th Tuesday at 5:15 pm, except where altered by public holiday or anticipated deadlines for action. The public is welcome to attend.    

Board Meeting Dates 2014:

The Library Board will meet at 5:15 p.m. on the following dates:

February 25  - Meeting at Mt. Pleasant Regional Library - Board packet
March 25  - Meeting at 
Main Library Auditorium 
Board packet
April 22  - Meeting at 
Dorchester Regional Library
 Board packet
May 27 - Meeting at Main Library Auditorium Board packet
June 24  - Meeting at 
Otranto Road Regional Library 
Board packet
August 26  - Meeting at 
St. Andrews Regional Library 
Board packet
September 23  - Meeting at 
Main Library Auditorium 
Board packet
October 6 - Meeting at Main Library Auditorium Board packet
October 28  - Meeting at Main Library Auditorium Board packet
November 25 - Meeting at 
John’s Island Regional Library