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About Veronica Roth

At 22, Veronica Roth started her first book during a creative writing program at Northwestern University. 

Her completed novel, Divergent, drew whirlwind attention from the publishing world. Four days after Roth sent the manuscript, HarperCollins signed the student to a publishing deal. Divergent was soon climbing the New York Times bestseller list, drawing rave reviews from fans and critics and rocketing Roth to literary stardom.

Publishers Weekly called it a "memorable, unpredictable journey from which it is nearly impossible to turn away," and Kirkus Reviews said "fans snared by the ratcheting
suspense will be unable to resist speculating on their own factional allegiance."

Released in 2011 as the first novel in a trilogy, Divergent often is compared to The Hunger Games phenomenon. Now available in 37 languages, Divergent is gaining worldwide popularity.

Being adapted into a major motion picture, the Divergent story will hit theaters March 2014 with actress Shailene Woodley in the lead role.

The second book in the trilogy, Insurgent, had readers waiting with anticipation when it was released in May 2012. Excitement is bubbling again for the third and final installment, Allegiant, set for release October 22.

Set in a futuristic society divided into five factions with different virtues and beliefs, the book's characters must choose which faction to join. Asked which faction best matches her character, Roth said she would choose Dauntless, The Brave. She thinks courage empowers people to act for the good of others, regardless of the consequences.

Now a full-time writer, Roth lives near Chicago with her husband. Roth enjoys cooking and studying biology, theology, fashion, contemporary art and poetry, among other things.