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Interested in learning more about Divergent? Check out the links below.
Check out cool behind-the-scenes photos and information on the official Divergent series site, featuring updates on the film adaptation, interviews with Veronica Roth and fun contests for fans to win Divergent prizes.

Learn more about author Veronica Roth. 
Check out  her official blog or follow
@veronicaroth on Twitter.

Media interviews with Veronica Roth. 

Are you Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, Erudite...or Divergent? Take a faction quiz, and find out where you belong.

Check out these unofficial Divergent fan sites: 
Divergent book reviews
Dystopian literature resources
Dystopian film resources
Divergent movie trailers  
Interviews with Divergent cast members

YALLFest, the South's premier young adult book festival, kicks off with a program featuring two of the country's most popular novelists - Veronica Roth, author of Divergent, and Rae Carson, author of The Girl of Fire and Thorns.

YALLFest brings 50 of the nation's best young adult writers to Charleston for a day of interactive panels, book signings, contests and more.