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Greenhill Street

Photo: 14 Greenhill St.

This narrow thoroughfare, which ran south from Tradd Street to the Ashley River, and now terminates at Gibbes Street, was originally called Adams Street. (Stockton, unpub. notes; Bridgens & Allen Map, 1852.)

4 Greenhill St. c.1800
-- William Axson, in 1800, bequeathed to his son, Samuel Edwards Axson, this lot and the money "sufficient to build a house thereon thirty five feet by eighteen." Mantels in the house are similar to those in the South Carolina Society Hall, 72 Meeting St. Otherwise the interior is simply treated. At the time the house was built, the south boundary of the lot was the high water mark of Ashley River. (Wills, WPA, p.28, 59; Stockton, unpub. notes; DYKYC, June 1, 1931; Stoney, This is Charleston, p.56.)

6 Greenhill St. c.1810
-- This brick structure, built about 1810 was formerly the kitchen building to 143 Tradd St. lt is now a separate residence. (Stockton, unpub. M.S.)