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Ladson Street

Photo: 2 Ladson St. c.1746

Ladson Street is named for Lt. Gov. James Ladson, who built the wooden house at the corner of Meeting and Ladson, c. 1791. The street is older than the name, however, having been cut through the lands of Lt. Gov. William Bull to provide access to the lot of his son-in-law, John Drayton. Ladson's Court was extended west to King Street and widened in the early 20th century. (Smith & Smith, Dwelling Houses, 86, 89.)

2 Ladson St.
IMAGE: ON RIGHT -- This site was given to John Drayton by his father-in-law, Lt. Gov. William Bull, in 1746. Drayton probably built this house, as the drawing room of the second level has a mantel similar to mantels at his country seat, Drayton Hall on the Ashley. A subsequent owner added the semi-circular bay on the west side and remodeled the downstairs drawing room in the Adamesque style. The bay appears on a plat of the property in 1813. The house was again remodeled around the turn of the century, when the facade was give its present Colonial Revival treatment. (Stockton, unpub. MS; Smith & Smith, Dwelling Houses, 86, 89.)