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George Street

Photo: 77 George St. c.1837

58 George St.

IMAGE -- This Adamesque period house, with two and one half stories of wood on a brick basement, was built c. 1803 by Barnard Elliott, a wealthy planter. lt has a Regency front doorway and interior woodwork from the George Walker House, which stood at 26 George until 1912. The property is now part of the College of Charleston campus.
(Stockton, DYKYC, Nov. 14,1977.)


66 George St.

IMAGE -- The old main campus of the College of Charleston includes Harrison Randolph Hall, the Towell Library and the Porter's Lodge. Harrison Randolph Hall, the old main building, was designed by architect William Strickland of Philadephia and was built in 1826-28. Strickland (c.1787-1854) studied under Benjamin Henry Latrobe (one of the architects of the U.S. capitol) and designed several Philadelphia buildings and the Tennessee capitol. The portico and wings were added in 1850 by Charleston architect Edward Brickell White who also designed the Porter's Lodge and the cast iron fence, which was executed by Christopher l. Zerner. Th 1886 earthquake damaged the wings, which were rebuilt following the designs of E.R. Rutledge, modified by Dr. Gabriel Manigault. Simons & Lapham, architects, designed an extension of the west wing, built in 1930. A new portico was added in 1975 on the north side of the building, facing the College Mall . ln front of White' s lonic portico is the Cistern, used as a stage for graduations, for Spoleto performances, etc. The Towell Library on the west side of the green was completed in 1856 and is an ltalianate building designed by architect George E. Walker. The plan of the main floor was influenced by Mills' South Carolina College Library and Latrobe's Library of Congress. The main room is two stories high with encircling gallerie at the second level. The Porter's Lodge is patterned after a Roman triumphal arch.
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67 George St.



72 George St.

IMAGE -- Built c. 1837, this Greek Revival single house was turned 90 degrees to make room for the College of Charleston Science Center. lt is part of the College campus.
(Stockton, unpub. notes.; Stoney, This is Charleston , p.52 )


74 George St.

IMAGE -- This Greek Revival single house, three and one-half stories of brick, was also moved to make room for the science center, and is part of the College campus. lt was built c. 1837.
(Thomas, News and Courier , April 24,1972; Stoney, This is Charleston , p.54)