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Radcliffe Street

Photo: 18 Radcliffe St.

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IMAGE -- Central Baptist Church, built in 1891, was designed by John P. Hutchinson, a black architect. The interior contains murals painted in 1912-1915 by artist Amohamed Milai of Calcutta, lndia.
(Stockton, unpub. notes)


57 Radcliffe St. c.1816

IMAGE: ON RIGHT-- This house is believed to date from c. 1816, although it possibly is earlier. Mrs. Sophia Frances Perry Shepherd Wilson, daughter of Thomas Radcliffe Shepherd, a nephew of Thomas Radcliffe, acquired the property in a marriage settlement in 1816, on her marriage to Alexander Barron Wilson. lt remained in the Wilson family until 1882. The building has characteristics, in the roof pitch and in its elevated main floor, of houses in the West lndies. lt is a one and one-half story frame dwelling on a high brick basement, and formerly had a piazza extending over the sidewalk.
(Thomas, DYKYC, Jan. 20, 1969)