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Lamboll Street

Photo: 25 Lamboll St.

Lamboll Street has been variously called Smith Lane, Dedcott's Alley, Rivers Street and Kincaid Street, after various property owners. Its present name comes from Thomas Lamboll who owned land on the street in 1722. (Smith & Smith, Dwelling Houses, 238; "Streets of Charleston.")

6 Lamboll St.
This large frame house was built between 1788 and 1790 by Mrs. Rebecca Rose. It was remodeled in the Greek Revival style by her granddaughter, Mrs. Naomi Rose O'Hara Timmons Dobson. (Stockton, DYKYC, Nov. 3, 1980.)

14 Lamboll St.
This house, with its elaborate exterior finish, was built c. 1850 by Patrick O'Donnell, a building contractor, who built his mansion around the corner at 21 King St. (Stockton, unpub. notes.)

15 Lamboll St.
Built c. 1908 by Benjamin Howard Owen, a wholesale druggist from Tennessee, this mansion is in the Colonial Revival style. (DYKYC, April 23, 1931.)

22 Lamboll St.
This three story house is believed to have been built c. 1822 by Richard Baker, and was once the rectory of St. Michael's. (DYKYC, April 13, 1936.)

28 Lamboll St.
Kincaid's Eastern Tenement was built c. 1777 by George Kincaid on former marsh. His Western Tenement is now numbered 4 Legare St. Kincaid, with Robert Mackenzie, Edward Blake and William Gibbes, walled and filled in a large area of marsh in this vicinity in the 1770s. (Stockton, DYKYC, Feb. 23, 1974.)