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Price's Alley

This picturesque narrow street was named for Hopkins Price, through whose land the alley ran, in the 1780s. ("Streets of Charleston.")

2 Price's Alley
This building was originally a sewage pump house and was used for that purpose until 1916. It was converted into a private residence in the 1950s. (Glenn Robertson, DYKYC, Jan. 9, 1959.)

6 Price's Alley
This small two and one-half story frame house was built c. 1729 by John Cowan. lt is also known as the Dill House, after a family which occupied it from 1758 to 1848. It is also known as 50 King Street. (lseley & Cauthen, Charleston lnteriors, p. 44; Stoney, This Is Charleston, p. 61; Thomas, DYKYC, July 15, 1971.)