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Wragg Square

Wragg Square, also known as Wragg Place, extends along the north side of Wragg Hall, a one-acre park or open space given to the public by the Wragg family in 1801. For a time in the late 19th century, the park was also called Aiken Park, for Gov. William Aiken, whose house is at the east end. (Stockton, unpub. notes; Stoney, This Is Charleston , p. 128)

2 & 4 Wragg Square c.1835

-- These are the two survivors of Aiken's Row, seven identical rental houses built after 1830 by Gov. William Aiken. They were also known as th "seven Days of the Week," because, in theory, each of the houses supported Gov. Aiken's house at 48 Elizabeth St. for one day of the week.
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