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State Street

Photo: 22-24 State Street c.1841

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25 State St. c.1814

42 State St. c.1816

48 State St. c.1811

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State street was formerly called Union Street, to celebrate the union of England and Scotland in 1707. The named was changed to State Street in 1812.
(Rogers, Charleston In The Age of The Pinckneys , p. 63)

7 State St c.1819

IMAGE-- This two story Classic Revival structure was occupied by the Union lnsurance company c. 1819. The company, organized and incorporated in 1807, was located originally on East Bay. The pediment contains the company's seal, which was similar to the company's insurance plate, but much larger. ln the days when each insurance company had its own fire engine company, it was customary to place on one's property a plate designating the company which had insured the building. This was to notify the fire engine company of its duty to fight fire on the premises.
(DYKYC, June 14, 1948; Stoney, This Is Charleston , p. 97)


21 State St. c.1799

-- This two and one-half story wooden house was apparently constructed by Frederick Wolfe after the great fire of 1796. lf that date is correct (and appears so stylistically) , then the house was moved backwards in 1813, when State Street was widened. That move would have been made by Wolfe's widow Margaret and her second husband, Edward Thwing. The house was moved to this site from the site of the parking lot to the north, and restored by the Preservation Society of Charleston in 1973.
(Green, unpub. MS; PSC)


22-24 State St. c.1841

IMAGE:TOP OF PAGE-- This double tenement, three and one-half stories of stuccoed brick, was built c. 1841 by Joe Roberts Poinsett, whose career included diplomatic service in Argentina, Chile and Mexico, election to the S.C. General Assembly and the U.S. Congress, leadership of the Unionist or anti-nullification party and appointment as U.S. Secretary of War.
(Stockton, DYKYC, June 28, 1982; Stoney, This Is Charleston , p. 98)


23 -23 1/2 State St. c.1835

IMAGE-- George B. Locke, a prosperous grocer, built this double tenement sometime after purchasing the site in 1832. He built it for rental purposes, as his business was on East Bay and his home was on George Street. His building had two stores on the first level and two residences above. lt has been rehabilitated as two residences.
(Stockton, unpub. MS.;---DYKYC, Feb. 19, 1979)


25 State St. c.1814

-- This notable three story, stuccoed brick town house was built c. 1814.
(Stoney, This Is Charleston , p. 98)


27 State St c.1813

IMAGE-- This three and one-half story stuccoed brick main building and accessory buildings, grouped around a courtyard, are believed to have been built soon after the widening of State Street in 1813. The main building was a commercial/residential structure with a store on the first level and a residence above. The drawing room on the second level has particularly fine Adamesque woodwork. The piazza, screened from the street by louvers, connecting the main house and front outbuilding, is an unusual feature in local architecture. The white marble steps in the courtyard were salvaged from the St. John's Hotel (Mills House) when it was demolished in 1969.
(Stoney, This Is Charleston , p. 98; Stockton, unpub. MS.)


33 State St.

IMAGE-- This two story antebellum structure was built as the Vigilance Fire Company Engine House and has been rehabilitated as a residence.


39 State St. c.1770

IMAGE-- This stuccoed brick house, which appears to be of pre-Revolutionary construction, was left far back on its lot when State Street was realligned in 1813. The contemporary rear addition was designed by architects W.C. Clark and Amanda Griffith.
(PSC; Robert Rosen)


42 State St. c.1816

-- This notable three story stuccoed brick single house, with quoins on the corners, was built c. 1816.
(Stoney, This Is Charleston , p. 98)


44 State St. c.1799

IMAGE-- Simon Elstob built this three story, stuccoed brick building in 1799, on land leased from John Loveday. Restored as part of the Lodge Alley complex.
(Stockton, DYKYC, Sept. 26, 1973)


46 State St. c.1817

IMAGE-- This two story stuccoed brick structure was built by the City of Charleston c. 1817 as the Vigilance Fire Company Engine House. lt was subsequently superceded by the larger engine house down the street. Restored as part of the Lodge Alley complex.
(Stockton, DYKYC, Sept. 9, 1973)


48 State St. c.1811

-- This two story brick warehouse was built before 1811 by Peter Trezevant or before 1822 by Joseph S. Barker. Restored as part of the Lodge Alley complex.
(Stockton, DYKYC, Sept. 9, 1973)


50 and 52 State St. c.1885

-- These two stuccoed brick warehouse were built before 1888. The wood framing of 50 State has been left exposed. Rehabilitated as part of the Lodge Alley complex.
(Stockton, DYKYC, Sept. 9, 1973)