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Bachman's Warbler

"My friend Bachman has the merit of having discovered this pretty little species of Warbler...the first was obtained by him a few miles from Charleston, in South Carolina, in July 1833, while I was rambling the crags of Labrador. According to my amiable friend, "it was a lively active bird, gliding among the branches of thick bushes, occasionally mounting on the wing and seizing insects in the air in the manner of a Flycatcher. It was an old female that had to all appearances just reared a brood of young."

Audubon's Ornithological Biography, Vol. II, p. 483.

Bachman's Warbler  (Vermivora bachmanii)
J.J.Audubon, Fall 1833, watercolor, gouache, and graphite on paper.
Maria Martin drew the bush Franklinia alatamaha.
(c) Collection of The New York Historical Society. 1863.17.185