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What is Babygarten?

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Nursery Rhymes and Songs
Infants in the womb are soothed by the ever present beat of a mother’s heartbeat, and babies of all ages respond to a steady beat, no matter what form it takes – rhymes, music, windshield wipers, dishwashers, etc. Rhymes also provide interesting repetition of the sounds we use in everyday language. Using familiar rhymes on a regular basis encourages children to make sounds and, eventually, to form words.

Book Sharing
Books will be read in unison (yes, the same ones over and over and over), and the instructor may recommend books that are popular with babies. For infants, a book represents the closeness of being held and the soft sounds that come from a familiar voice. Eventually, they understand how a book “works” and that the black squiggles somehow correspond with the sounds of the reader. These early literacy skills better prepare children for a lifetime of learning.

Parenting Information
A multitude of skills or hurdles will be addressed as the class works on rhyming, reading, playing and other activities. Instructor will explain many of these issues with quick facts, demonstrations or simply through conversation. Questions are encouraged, and staff members are happy to help, but sometimes the best source may be the person sitting next to you in the class.

Handmade Toys and Mementos
The playthings that babies enjoy most are always the least expensive ones. Learn how to construct simple, effective toys from items around the house. Also, to help capture those fleeting, precious moments of babyhood, learn how to make baby books and perfect gifts for grandparents.

Free Play Period
Each session will end with the fun opportunity for caregivers and babies just to play. Playing is how babies learn, and this will help enhance their enjoyment and enlightenment. It’s also fun to see how other people play and how babies respond to one another. Make some great discoveries just by watching and talking to others.