CCPL is now a Fine Free library! However, the policy is not retroactive and any fines or fees on an account prior to June 1, 2021 will still have to be paid. To help out patrons who have fees or overdue items, CCPL is celebrating Amnesty for All! During the months of June and July, any patrons who contact the library, update their account information, and return any outstanding or overdue library materials, will have all fines or fees incurred prior to June 1 waived.  

If you have fines prior to June 1 and would like to discuss your account with a CCPL staff member, please fill out the form below. A staff member will contact you to update your account and discuss amnesty for any outstanding fines or fees. Please note that amnesty does not automatically occur and must be confirmed by a CCPL staff member. 

Please enter your CCPL Library Card number. This should be the letter D followed by 9 numerical digits. If you are a CCSD student, please also answer the next question.
If you are a CCSD student, you are automatically a library card holder through the L2 (Squared) program. Please enter your CCSD Student Username.
If you are known by another name that CCPL may have on file, please enter it here.
If applicable, please enter any alternate address you may have used on your library account.
Please enter your phone number with area code.
Please select your nearest/preferred CCPL branch. Operating hours and service availability are subject to change. Visit for branch hours and details.
Please indicate the best time of day for a staff member to contact you regarding amnesty and your library account.