Clinical reading-related oculomotor assessment in visual snow syndrome.

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      Publisher: Elsevier Doyma Country of Publication: Spain NLM ID: 101482903 Publication Model: Print-Electronic Cited Medium: Internet ISSN: 1989-1342 (Electronic) Linking ISSN: 19891342 NLM ISO Abbreviation: J Optom Subsets: MEDLINE
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      Publication: - : Barcelona : Elsevier Doyma
      Original Publication: 2008- : Madrid : Colegio Nacional de Ópticos-Optometristas de España
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      Purpose: Visual snow syndrome (VSS) is a complex neurological condition presenting with an array of sensory, motor, and perceptual dysfunctions and related visual and non-visual symptoms. Recent laboratory studies have found subtle, basic, saccadic-based abnormalities in this population. The objective of the present investigation was to determine if saccadic-related problems could be confirmed and extended using three common clinical reading-related eye movement tests having well-developed protocols and normative databases.
      Methods: This was a retrospective analysis of 32 patients (ages 16-56 years) diagnosed with VSS in the first author's optometric practice. There was a battery of three reading-related tests: the Visagraph Reading Eye Movement Test, the Developmental Eye Movement (DEM) Test, and the RightEye Dynamic Vision Assessment Test, all performed using their standard documented protocols and large normative databases.
      Results: A high frequency of oculomotor deficits was found with all three tests. The greatest percentage was revealed with the Visagraph (56%) and the least with the RightEye (23%). A total of 77% of patients failed at least one of the three tests.
      Conclusion: The present findings confirm and extend earlier investigations revealing a high frequency of saccadic-based oculomotor problems in the VSS population, now including reading-related tasks. This is consistent with the more general oculomotor/motor problems found in these individuals.
      Competing Interests: Conflicts of interest The authors have no conflicts of interest to declare.
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      Keywords: Eye movements; Neuro-optometry; Reading; Vision; Visual snow; Visual snow syndrome
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      visual snow syndrome
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      Date Created: 20231102 Date Completed: 20240319 Latest Revision: 20240327
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