Main Library - Throughout June - “Come By Hyar: Songs of Resistance, Hope and Love in Honor of Black History Month” - This exhibition honors the voices, stomps, lindy hops and blues of once-enslaved people. The music of the African diaspora is woven into the very soul of American society, from the hull of the slave ship Amistad through artists including classical musician Florence Price, composer and pianist Scott Joplin, composer Bernice Johnson Reagon, poet Gil Scott-Heron, and singers Aretha Franklin and Marian Anderson. Spirituals, ranky tank, field hollas, ring shouts, rhythm and blues, and hip hop are all part of American music created by African-Americans. Instruments such as the banjo, fiddle, kazoo and mouth bow all originated in Africa. This exhibition pays homage to the soul of American music through the eye of a needle, stroke of a paint brush, and lens of a camera. African-American music is forever etched in the soul of America. The First Monday Gallery Night opening reception will be held June 3 from 6-7 p.m.