CCPL's Zoom Server - Marie Bostwick needs no introduction—she is the author of fifteen novels and three novellas, several of which have gone on to be New York Times and USA Today bestsellers.

Join us for a conversation with Marie Bostwick and her newest novel THE RESTORATION OF CELIA FAIRCHILD, an enchanting and thoughtful narrative about a modern woman with modern struggles, among them divorce, estranged family, and the innate pull of motherhood—even when it seems the most out of reach. While recounting Celia’s story, Marie also weaves in powerful themes of creativity, how it helps us find our true family and rediscover who we were always meant to be. Marie has always had a talent for tender, compassionate women’s fiction, and this sixteenth novel is a celebration of that expertise.

Celia Fairchild is the writer behind the immensely popular “Dear Calpurnia” advice column, a brand that she has built an identity and a life on. It is, despite her divorcee and single woman status, the reason an adoption agency agrees to move forward with her application after she is shortlisted as a potential placement. In one afternoon, however, this last ditch hope for motherhood hangs in the balance when she loses her column to a media conglomerate and receives news she has inherited her aunt’s estate in Charleston. With nothing left for her in New York, Celia says goodbye to her former life. When she arrives, the grand house she once remembered has fallen into disrepair, but the community of Charleston is more than ready to welcome her home.

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