Saul Alexander Gallery at Main Library- Come check out September's gallery artist, Rachael Nerney for her exhibition "Edible Diaries". 

Rachael Nerney is a visual artist who loves and admires the small details in life. From sliced citrus destined for cocktails to fresh herbs from the garden, Rachael captures the fleeting moments and memories we share with food through vibrant color, light and pattern. Her goal is to spread joy, instill hope, and foster connection in communities through her artwork. 

Rachael earned her BFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2013. Her passion for illustrating food grew after graduation while she was creating artwork for Whole Foods Market Inc. She has since been selected as the Charleston Farmers Market poster artist, shown at the Affordable Art Fair in NYC, and installed numerous murals throughout the greater Charleston area. She finds inspiration from local farmers markets, restaurants, and most of all - her kitchen. 

About the exhibit, “Edible Diaries”: "The work I plan to create for this solo exhibition is about the transformative power of food. From the shelves of the grocery store to local farm stands on the corner, there are so many more stories around what we eat and where it comes from. I believe stories about food are a constant reminder that not only do we care about food, but we care about each other. Something that I believe we can all agree on (put best by Alice Waters) is that we want our food to nourish our children, strengthen our families, and build lasting communities. My paintings will highlight snapshots from my kitchen table and the farmers market. These moments will capture the beauty of everyday moments in what and how we eat."