Saul Alexander Gallery at Main Library- Come check out August's gallery artist, Sheryl Sabol for her exhibition "FUN WITH WATER & SUCH". Sheryl resides in Mount Pleasant, SC. She is now pursuing her passion for creativity as a freelance photographer. Sheryl loves squares (shape of her photos), water, sunshine, nature, architecture, interesting angles and joy. Her photography process is definitely intuitive and she hopes her photography brings others as much joy as it brings her. Check out her website, or follow her on Instagram @sherylsabol.

Her Exhibition- Like water, life is dynamic. Life is full of distractions and we need to stop to take a moment. To have fun. To breathe. To appreciate. We all have struggles, but it's important to acknowledge the beauty and joy around us. My photography reflects this. Even as I work through the ups and downs of life, I pause, have fun, and capture life's beauty so you may enjoy it too.