Wando Mount Pleasant Library - Join us for a conversation with members of the African American Settlement Communities of Mt. Pleasant. The Human Library series invites interested members of the community to converse with individuals who have been exposed to prejudice or stigma. Join us to combat intolerance by engaging in open, honest and respectful dialogue. Click here to learn more about CCPL's Human Library Series and view previous sessions in their entirety.

Through coordinated efforts with the AASC Historic Commission we have gathered leaders from the settlement communities to tell their stories. The members of the panel live in and/or have families in Mt. Pleasant African American settlement communities.  Their ancestors date back to post Civil War when they purchased property for as little as $5-$10 per acre from the plantation owners.  They have retained their culture, history and most importantly their land since these original late 1800's purchases.  Today their prime concerns are protecting their ancestral land from developers, economic development, social justice and quality of life. We will be joined by members of the Snowden, Phillips, Scanlonville, 10 Mile, 7 Mile  and Old Village communities.