Main Library - Meet local defense attorney David Aylor, and hear firsthand accounts of what it’s like defending S.C. residents and upholding a meaningful status in the community. The Human Library series invites interested members of the community to converse with individuals who have been exposed to prejudice or stigma. Join us to combat intolerance by engaging in open, honest and respectful dialogue. Click here to learn more about CCPL's Human Library Series and view previous sessions in their entirety.

About David Aylor: Since 2007, David Aylor has built a thriving law practice in the Lowcountry, and established a dynamic and experienced presence in the region. Local and national media outlets have solicited his legal analysis and opinions, and his extensive criminal and civil casework has been featured on national networks and publications as a result. In addition to succeeding as a criminal defense attorney and civil litigator, David is the acting prosecutor for the City of Hanahan, S.C. Prior to this appointment, he served as assistant solicitor in the Ninth Circuit Solicitor’s Office for Charleston County. David’s participation in the government sector provides him with a comprehensive view of how the law works on both sides of the courtroom. David also clerked for the S.C. Senate Judiciary Committee under Sen. Glenn McConnell. He also clerked for U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert S. Carr and criminal attorney Andrew J. Savage III here in Charleston. David has spoken at many presentations and conferences, and he gives back to his community through civic engagement.