Wando Mount Pleasant Library - Christopher Felder, 27, is HIV-positive. His diagnosis has positioned him to garner insight on the stigma, prognoses, gaps in knowledge and overall misunderstandings still associated with HIV, a condition that is manageable more now than ever. For more information on the Human Library Series at Charleston County Public Library, and to see previous sessions in their entirety, visit our section on the Human Library Series.

Felder is a native of Midlands South Carolina who holds seeing the best in people as a guiding principle. He is a student of experience with a passion for sharing those lessons with others on both large and small scales. Chris - or “Alex” as he prefers - is a graduate of Bethune-Bowman High who majored in Psychology at Benedict College. His current work sees him managing customer interaction for a large health organization. He has served as a community organizer and health advocate for member of various communities.