Main Library - Join us for a conversation with members of our community who live life to the fullest while balancing the needs of chronic health conditions. Meet Dorathea Chaplin, who lives with Type 1 Diabetes, and Ginger Smith, who lives with Lyme disease. The Human Story Series invites interested members of the community to converse with individuals who have been exposed to prejudice or stigma. Join us to combat intolerance by engaging in open, honest and respectful dialogue. 

Dorathea Chaplin was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 27 years old. After a huge relief at finally having an answer to her declining health, she navigated a sharp learning curve and quickly brought her A1c (average blood glucose) down to a safe range. She also trained for and ran her first 5k post-diagnosis, and continues to tackle the daily needs of managing her autoimmune disease with acceptance and humor. She advocates for awareness and has been politically active in her circles of influence. Dorathea also participates in local JDRF events, including the annual One Walk in March, and the online Beyond Type 1 community where she jokingly renamed Type 1 Diabetes as “DeTickles.” Though some do, Dorathea does not eat low carb and will, mindfully, thoroughly enjoy a piece of cake. Thriving with her diagnosis, Dorathea enjoys traveling and keeps active with Taiko drumming. She also blogs at

Ginger Smith never expected to be diagnosed with Lyme disease at the age of 43. However, having lived in Williamsburg County most of her life, and having numerous ticks over the years, it was still a shock to be diagnosed in February of 2017. Lyme disease has been described as having the flu every day. It is one of the most challenging things she has ever faced. Ginger’s Lyme disease is currently in remission with treatment and lifestyle changes. She presently resides in Andrews and enjoys walking, spending time with her numerous great nieces and nephews, teaching Sunday school, and living life to the fullest.