Mt. Pleasant Regional Library - Celebrate archaeology by attending three lectures about local history. 

Strangers in a Familiar Land: The East Cooper Planter that History Forgot 
1-2 p.m., presented by Lisa B. Randle, Ph.D. 
While many are familiar with Edward Ball’s family legacy, popularized by his acclaimed book, "Slaves in the Family," this presentation features another local family that slipped through the cracks of history. 

A Short History of the Yamasee Indians 
2:30-3:30 p.m., presented by Dr. Eric Poplin of Brockington and Associates 
Discover the Yamasee, arguably the most important native allies of the nascent Carolina Colony between the years of 1685-1715. 

Uncovering Hampton Plantation 
4-5 p.m., presented by the South Carolina State Park Service 
Learn how artifacts, structural remains, underwater archaeology and the former rice fields come together to help explore this Lowcountry landmark’s history.