The Gibbes Museum of Art - Join us for a book-club style discussion inspired by "Tabitha Vevers: Lover's Eyes." In this exhibition, Vevers explores themes of power, pain, love and liberation in her prolific series "Lover’s Eyes." Inspired by traditional eye miniatures, a genre of portrait jewelry worn as emblems of illicit affairs that became the height of fashion in the Georgian era, Vevers appropriates subjects from art history and popular culture to cleverly re-imagine the traditional male gaze from the perspective of a contemporary woman.

Two of her subjects are the main characters in "The Age of Light," historical fiction by Whitney Scharer that brings to life the tempestuous relationship between "Vogue" model Lee Miller, who dreamed of becoming a professional photographer, and her mentor and lover, Surrealist artist Man Ray. "I'd rather take a photograph than be one," Miller famously declared, and she transformed herself from artist's muse to an accomplished artist in her own right. The discussion will focus on the book and works in the exhibition. Please read the book so you can participate in the discussion. Participation is free and includes a coupon for discounted Museum admission. Contact Becca Hiester at 843-722-2706x237 or [email protected] for more information.