Edgar Allan Poe Branch Library - Playdates for Grownup Kids

Play isn't just for kids!  It is vital for our wellbeing!  Explore different forms of play in this experiential program series based on Dr. Stuart Brown's eight play personalities*.  Come prepared to have fun, get in touch with your inner child, try something new, and make new friends.  Upcoming playdates:

September 14:  Make Your Mark (Artists/Creators and Storytellers)

September 21: Game On! (Competitors and Collectors)

September 28:  Get Moving!  (Kinesthetes Unite!)

October 5:  Armchair and Actual Travel (Explorers and Directors)


*Dr. Stuart Brown’s Play Personality Archetypes are:

  • Joker – play involves enjoyment of some form or nonsense, which can be verbal or in the form of practical jokes.
  • The Kinesthete – play involves enjoyment of physical movement
  • The Explorer – play involves enjoyment or learning or experiencing new things – this can be new physical, mental or emotional frontiers
  • The Competitor – play involves enjoyment of mastery of rules and skills and placing those in direct competition with others in the pursuit of being the best
  • The Director – play involves enjoyment of executing scenes and events
  • The Collector – play involves enjoyment having and holding the best objects or experiences – this can be a solitary pursuit or one enjoyed with other collectors
  • The Artist/Creator – play involves enjoyment through making something beautiful, functional or goofy.
  • The Storyteller – play involves enjoyment of imaginative play, either by creating or being an enthusiastic audience for the imaginative play of others