CCPL's Facebook page - Music tells a tale! Selected from Béla Bartók’s 44 Duets for Two Violins, this set of twenty-five pieces, each based on a peasant folk melody, is a series of miniatures: a mosquito dance, a wedding song, a march, a lullaby. We’ve arranged the pieces to tell an overarching tale, a love story that begins on May Day and ends in surprise. These charming duets, as short as twenty-seven seconds, as long as two minutes, delight the ear and the imagination. We dare you not to tap your foot! 


Béla Bartók - Selections from 44 Duets 

No. 2 Maypole Dance 

No. 43 Pizzicato 

No. 4 Midsummer Night Song 

No. 22 Mosquito Dance 

No. 26 Teasing Song 

No. 15 Soldier’s Song 

No. 13 Wedding Song 

No. 23 Bride’s Farewell 

No. 18 Hungarian March No. 2 

No. 28 Sorrow 

No. 32 Dance from Máramos 

No. 7 Walachian Song 

No. 40 Wallachian Dance 

No. 8 Slovakian Song No. 2 

No. 42 Arabian Song 

No. 33 Harvest Song 

No. 36 Bagpipes 

No. 16 Burlesque 

No. 29 New Year’s Greeting No. 2 

No. 11 Cradle Song 

No. 14 Pillow Dance 

No. 19 Fairytale 

No. 9 Play 

No. 27 Limping Dance 

No. 35 Ruthenian Kolomeika