Saul Alexander Gallery at Main Library- Come check out December's gallery artist, Stuart Tessler for his exhibition "A Sense of Place, of Time".

Artist's Statement- I sculpt figurative subjects and occasionally abstractions in wood, clay, and metal, and more recently, I am also painting in acrylics. Focusing on faces, real or imagined, and subjects that reflect the social and political tensions present, the art emphasizes our diversity in form and thought. Anthropologists and academics in various fields, including artists, impose definitions and characteristics of a “sense of place”. Who is to recognize the sense of place? Is It the artist or the viewer of the art?

As I am years past retirement age, I have also pondered a “sense of time”, and what that may mean to the observer of art and to the artist. How may it impact the subject and the creation of the piece? Will you, knowing that I am not a youngster, alter your interpretation or appreciation of the art? The sculptures, predominantly figurative, take advantage of the diversity and varied expression to allow the thoughts of a sense of place to enter the visual experience. The non-anthropomorphic pieces may serve as an opportunity for the observer to either abandon the theme or attempt to find the relationships to “a sense of place, of time”.