Main Library - Throughout November - Dayton Colie became fascinated by the fact that multiple ancient cultures around the world shared an aesthetic vocabulary despite never having contact with each other. As a result, he spent the last few years exploring the human relationship with the circle. His exhibit uses a mix of sacred, circular and secular math to examine the philosophical, social and symbolic interpretation of circles. What began as an attempt to understand the meaning and math of crop circles morphed rapidly into a reflection on life and the human experience. We all share circles. All of humanity shares a ride on planet Earth as it orbits the powerful universal symbol that is the sun. All of our actions cause metaphorical ripples in the pond that is the universe — sometimes those ripples overlap and react in new and unexpected ways. Dayton hopes everyone who shares his circles goes forth to create a steady stream of positive actions so that ripples of kindness permeate all that surrounds us. The First Monday Gallery Night opening reception will be held Nov. 4 from 6-7 p.m.