CCPL's Zoom Server and Facebook page - Make Your Own Balloon Rover: Join Laura Ybarra Kane, Education Manager at the South Carolina State Museum, as we learn how to make our own balloon cars!

You’ll just need to gather a few materials ahead of time:

  • 2 straws
  • 2 sticks or skewers that fit inside the straws easily (we sometimes use plastic coffee skewers, too!)
  • A balloon (or extras just in case they pop!)
  • A body for your car (I like to use a small box or mini berry basket from the grocery store)
  • 4 wheels – these can be bottle caps or you can even use some thick craft foam or cardboard cut into circles!
  • Tape – lots of it. I prefer masking tape because it is a little stickier and easy to cut!
  • Then any decorations or extras you might want to add!
  • If you can’t blow up a balloon on your own we can also show you a version with 2 magnets instead