CCPL's Facebook page - Get this summer off to a roaring start by joining us each week learn 2 to 3 animal-themed yoga poses! Remember that yoga can be modified to make it work better for your body so if you need to use a support or doing the pose a little differently, make those changes and stretch like a beast along with us. Here's the schedule for your yogaful summer:

Week 1 with Megan - Cat and Cow poses
Week 2 with Vanessa - Kitten and Crocodile poses
Week 3 with Savannah - Praying Mantis and Unicorn poses
Week 4 with Jessica - Jellyfish and Elephant poses
Week 5 with Patricia - Butterfly and Ladybug poses
Week 6 with Vanessa - Lion and Tiger poses
Week 7 with Aubrey - Camel, Half Pigeon, and Rabbit poses
Week 8 with Savannah - Eagle and Flamingo poses
Week 9 with Amanda - Condor, Leaf Frog, and Locus poses
Week 10 with Megan - Fish and Crab poses
Week 11 with Bobbi - Otter and Seal poses
Week 12 with Grace - Downward Dog and Puppy poses
Week 13 with Christina - Clam and Grasshopper poses

Looking for some great yoga books in the CCPL collection? Try these:

You Are A Lion! And Other Fun Yoga Poses by Taeeun Yoo

With simple instructions and bright, clear illustrations, award-winning artist Taeeun Yoo invites children to enjoy yoga by assuming playful animal poses. And she sparks their imagination further by encouraging them to pretend to be the animal - to flutter like a butterfly, hiss like a snake, roar like a lion and more. Yoga is great for kids because it promotes flexibility and focus - and it's relaxing good fun! The charming pictures of children and animals and the lyrical text make this gentle introduction to yoga a book to be treasured.

Yoga For Kids: Simple Animal Poses for Any Age by Lorena V. Pajalunga

A little boy begins taking yoga lessons at the zoo, where he learns that he can mimic the animals there with simple yoga poses. When he returns home after his lessons, he practices with his cat, Nino. With an illustration of each animal pose and a description of how to do it on each page, this enchanting book makes the perfect instruction guide for even the smallest yogi.