Main Library - Throughout October - Alston Christin-Trey Singletary was born Aug. 31, 1996 in Charleston to Naomi and Darryl Singletary. Lately, Alston has been interested in expressing his blackness while celebrating the strong, black women in his life via his comic, "Cardinal Traits," which follows Naomi, a black Charlestonian artist who is striving to accept herself as she is. Alston named the main character after his mother, and the name Naomi means sweetness, pleasantness, or my delight -- which he considers a true description of his mother. Alston and his protagonist Naomi are learning how to love themselves. Making the comic has taught Alston to remember that other people’s opinions about himself are not important. What matters is what a person accepts about themselves, which is who they truly are. The First Monday Gallery opening reception will take place Oct. 5 from 6-7 p.m.