CCPL's Facebook page - Each week we release a new puzzle that takes hours to solve and escape the virtual room. It's the perfect activity for a bored preteen or teen! Don’t forget to check back every Saturday during the library’s closure for a new BreakoutEDU digital escape room! Here's what's coming up in the weeks ahead:

May 16: Alien Encounter - It seems that a visitor from another galaxy has landed on our planet. Solve the puzzles to help him decipher his map to get home. 

May 23: Comics Crusader - You are trying to find inspiration for your next graphic novel, but don't want to accidentally steal anyone else's ideas! Use your skills to unlock the ultimate comic your brain can create. 

May 30: Career Chaos - Today was Career Day at your school and there are so many opportunities ahead of you. Perhaps the most interesting ones were careers that do their work outdoors. You need to sort through all of the brochures before your parents ask that age-old question, "What did you learn at school today?"