CCPL's Facebook page - Is your child getting ready to start kindergarten? Then this fun and informative virtual program series is for you! Each day will feature a different skill that will help your little learner with kindergarten readiness. Adults will discover simple and engaging activities and games that they can do with their child to help learn skills such as sorting, letter knowledge, reading and more!  

Calling all Kindergarten Boot Camp Families! Here's what we'll cover each day this week:

Kindergarten Boot Camp: Phonological Awareness/Rhyming 
Learn about the early literacy skill, phonological awareness, with fun activities and games that you can do at home with your child as they get ready for kindergarten! 


Kindergarten Boot Camp: Alphabet
Children may be expected to recite the alphabet, recognize upper and lower case letters, and write their name in print when they enter kindergarten. Discover some fun and simple activities that you can do at home to develop and reinforce their knowledge of letters! 


Kindergarten Boot Camp: Numbers 
Learn some easy and fun counting activities that you can do with your child that are all about counting and numbers. Your child may be expected to count to ten, have number recognition, and one-to-one correspondence when counting. Discover what these things mean and how you can get your child ready for kindergarten! 


Kindergarten Boot Camp: Sorting 
Sorting is an essential skill for little learners to understand before obtaining and learning more math skills. Discover some fun and simple sorting and matching activities that you can do with your child at home as they get ready for kindergarten!   


Kindergarten Boot Camp: Reading
Reading is one of the most important early literacy skills that you can do with your child so they can be successful in school and be lifelong readers. Learn some tips on ways that you can build your child's vocabulary, how you can make reading enjoyable for your reluctant reader, as well as for your child who loves to read, concepts of how a book works, and more!