Lynda Lessons Training
Wednesday, January 09, 2019 Charleston County Library

CHARLESTON, S.C. – January is International Creativity Month, and if you’re looking for ways to express your creative side you’ll love the tools you have access to with your free Charleston County Public Library card! Just imagine we’re the library version of Barney from “How I Met Your Mother”: Haaaaaaave you met Lynda?

Lynda is an educational website with an almost endless collection of how-to courses covering a wide range of topics from developing your own app to becoming a filmmaker. Check out some of the many ways you can use Lynda to spark your creativity this (and every!) month.

Access Lynda here with your library card number and PIN. How do you get a Charleston County Library card? These are the answers you seek.



If your daydreams look a lot like a big screen production that end with a collection of Oscars and Golden Globes in your hands, you might like the Filmmaking series of videos and forums.  There are even dozens of courses on Screenwriting and Casting and Working with actors. Of course, if you’re filmmaking, you’ll need to know how to edit all that footage with something like Premiere Pro and add in some snazzy graphics with After Effects. Good thing Lynda has both.


Music and Audio

Maybe you’ve been stopping by Dart Library in recent months to check out the beats and loops sessions and have found a new passion for music-making. Alternatively, maybe your spouse or roommate’s cheers during your bath time concerts have you thinking you could be a star. Whatever the rationale, Lynda has a number of singing lessons and vocal exercises. Are your aspirations to be a legendary 80s hair band drummer? Lynda has that. While there are no classes on playing the harmonica (Sorry, Blues Traveler!), there are several sound design courses that can make your work… sing.



If you’re spending most of your monthly income sending cellphone photos to the local Walgreen’s for homemade framed photos of the dog, the cat, or the kids, then don’t miss out on the hundreds of photography courses Lynda offers. In the Photography Foundations programs, you can go from the basics of digital photography to the nuances of shutter speed, aperture, lenses, camera modes, and focal lengths. Lynda's expert-taught photography tutorials will help you master the fundamentals of photography, and how to take pictures with confidence. If you want to take those old family photos that have dealt with decades of weather and leaks, Lynda can show you how to restore water damage. There are even classes on how to find customers and sell your work.



If you find yourself more fixated on the layout and design of magazines, flyers, and posters than the content they display, you might enjoy exploring the design courses and classes in Lynda. Take your posters and flyers to the next level with Poster Design. Start your own magazine (or completely redo the office newsletter) with the Magazine Design program.


Comics and Drawing

Channel your inner Stan Lee with by turning those doodles and sketches you draw in meetings into characters and a full story with Lynda! Learn the best techniques for drawing from the two-point perspective so your artwork accurately reflects height, depth, and width. (That way your superhero isn’t too tall to live in the apartment his mild-mannered alter-ego rented.) There’s a great tutorial on penciling in a comic book page, the perfect lesson whether you’re working on a comic, a manga, or a graphic novel. And then turn your work into something animated with the Animation Foundations section on Lynda.


This is just a taste of what Lynda offers everyone – for free! – with a CCPL card! All it takes is logging on and searching for your interests. If you’re not a visual thinker, there are even plenty of writing courses. And if you just can’t decide where your creative self is hiding, Lynda even offers a section on Creative Inspiration to help you hunt down your creativity.