Rather than following one large topic from beginning to end, this episode offers a bowl of Charleston alphabet soup—an A-to-Z feast of 25 short biographies profiling (mostly) obscure Charlestonians, each of whom would make a great subject for your next historical novel, screenplay, or school report.  Bon appetit!

  • A is for Antigua (the man)
  • B is for Broadhurst, Dorothea
  • C is for Cartwright, Hugh
  • D is for Daniels, Margaret
  • E is for Eldridge, Jane
  • F is for Fayolle, Peter
  • G is for Guillotin, Francois
  • H is for Haly, John
  • I is for Ioor, Claas
  • J is for nobody
  • K is for Kizzel, John
  • L is for Lombois, Jacques
  • M is for Moise, Penina
  • N is for Natchez
  • O is for O’Keefe, William
  • P is for Pennefather, John
  • Q is for Quash
  • R is for Reichart, Karl
  • S is for Shinner, Charles
  • T is for Trajetta, Philip
  • U is for Utting, Ashby
  • V is for Valk, Jacob
  • W is for Williman, Jacob
  • X is for Xavier, St. Francis
  • Y is for Yonge, Francis
  • Z is for Zierden, Martha


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