LinkedIn social media
Monday, May 25, 2020 Carrie Smalls, Charleston County Library

CHARLESTON, S.C. - What is LinkedIn? How could this be of value to me? These may questions you are asking yourself especially during this period of dealing with the pandemic COVID-19. These were some of the questions, I asked myself prior to creating a personal page. The only way to answer these questions was to get started.

The first step was to create a LinkedIn page. I was concerned about inputting personal information, but I realized there was a purpose. LinkedIn customizes your page based on these details. You may opt to develop a private page, but it will limit your ability to network with people in and out of your field. Ultimately, you can control how much information you want to share with the world.

Now I can connect with new people as well as see names and faces of old acquaintances. Besides connecting with past college classmates, LinkedIn has opened my eyes to the vast network of employers looking for trades and skills that I have. LinkedIn is an amazing site to broaden one’s search. Using various search criteria, LinkedIn allows you to search for occupations by title and location. Entering this information provides you with the ability to explore job clusters previously limited by less modern means. Additionally, you can save jobs you are interested in and often apply easily using your phone or computer.

LinkedIn is ideal for jobseekers seeking to find that perfect job that can use their skills or for those entering the workforce for the first time. The possibilities are endless. You can also follow companies you want to work with, providing the ability to connect with recruiters or current employees. People looking to advance their career or connect with lost colleagues makes LinkedIn an effective tool. In a few short days, I have been able to utilize LinkedIn’s networking tools effectively.

Learning to navigate LinkedIn has helped me teach others. Immersing myself in other learning tools such as has allows me to provide firsthand experience on how to use LinkedIn more efficiently. I used LinkedIn by to show a teen web design and music production self-paced courses. provides opportunities to learn skills ranging from interview preparation to graphic design. Certificates earned from online courses in can be shared from LinkedIn with perspective employers to validate training experience and professional development. During this time of COVID-19 when traditional library services from in-person staff are not available, LinkedIn is a good resource to help jobseekers explore career resources and opportunities to re-enter the workforce and improve lives through gainful employment.

If you would like more information using LinkedIn, assistance in finding more jobseeker resources, tips on how to get the job-hunting process started, or more, please reach out to us at CCPL by email, chat, or text. You may also call us at 843-805-6930, leave a voice message, and a library staff member will return your call. Remember, you are not alone.