Estimated Opening Date: May 2019

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Presentation: Baxter-Patrick James Island

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Location Features

Adult, children and teen areas
An auditorium that can be divided into two meeting rooms (100-person capacity)
A meeting room/makerspace for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects (25-person capacity)
Small group study rooms
Outdoor areas
Learning Lab (Computer Instruction Room)

The Latest on James Island

Image 1: Rebar that will form the building’s structure on the right and the beginning of an outdoor reading porch on the left (where all the little orange caps are scattered)

Image 2: Concrete is being poured in 10’ sections in an attempt to outsmart the rain! Concrete is typically poured in larger sections, but due to the recent weather pattern, they are placing forms and pouring in smaller sections so that it can set before getting wet.

Image 3: Concrete forms for the structural columns must be protected from weather until reading for installation.