Explore the basics of PC usage, learn the parts of the computer and how to use the mouse and keyboard to navigate windows. Discover how to save and organize files, too. Perfect for beginners or those seeking review.

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Registration is requested for hands-on classes and appointments. For classes, registration usually begins one week before the class is held. Specific dates are included with descriptions on the following pages.

Classes at Main are held in the Second Floor Classroom. Regional branch classes are held in their auditoriums. Please make every effort to arrive before class begins and call to cancel if you are unable to attend.

You can register in person, or call or email the Tech Team. If you leave a message, we will always get back with you to confirm your status.

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Getting Started with Computers Learn the parts of the computer, the difference between hardware and software, what an operating system is, and how files are stored. Practice using the mouse and keyboard, too! No previous computer experience expected.
Using the Mouse and Keyboard Practice clicking, double-clicking, clicking and dragging, and scrolling with the mouse. Then practice typing and editing text, numbers, and symbols with the keyboard. No previous computer experience expected.
Working with Windows Explore the typical menus, toolbars, and dialog boxes you’ll see when working with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office. Learn how to resize windows, open files, and make selections from the toolbars. Experience using the mouse and keyboard is expected.
Creating and Organizing Files Discover how to save and organize your computer files more efficiently. Learn how to rename files, move and copy files, create folders to save files by subject, and delete unwanted files. Experience using the mouse and keyboard is expected.