If you're looking for ways to improve your photos to make them pop and share them online with friends and family, the Tech Team has two classes to offer. 

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Registration is requested for hands-on classes and appointments. For classes, registration usually begins one week before the class is held. Specific dates are included with descriptions on the following pages.

Classes at Main are held in the Second Floor Classroom. Regional branch classes are held in their auditoriums. Please make every effort to arrive
before class begins and call to cancel if you are unable to attend. 

You can register in person, or call or email the Tech Team. If you leave a message, we will always get back with you to confirm your status.

Call: 843-805-6885
Email: [email protected] 

Managing Your Photos
Explore some common features shared by digital cameras, like pixel and zoom settings. Learn how to transfer, organize, and print photos. Practice using some simple editing tools. Completion of Searching the Web (or previous experience) is expected. 

Editing and Sharing Photos
Learn how to use software and websites to import, organize, and edit photos. Create a web album for sharing photos and look at some photo gift ideas, too. Completion of Managing Your Photos (or previous experience) is expected.