This Month at Saul Alexander: Brad Carroll


"City Landscapes"

In painting, Carroll describes himself as devoted to light, particularly that which shines at night from the moon, a low-pressure sodium streetlamp, or the window of an after-hours shop or restaurant. The visual element most commonly represented in his work is these forms of light. Carroll hopes that his paintings will take hold of the viewer and briefly subjugate realism to provide an alternative idea of what walking down the street and exploring our world can look like.

"Structure is a common element in my work. The cheek-by-jowl placement of architectural and natural elements creates an unexpected balance between geometry and biology. From this relationship, civil landscapes can take their shape. A civil landscape exists within the embrace of a benevolent society. We traverse these landscapes through every wayfaring step we take down a paved sidewalk--whether in our own city or in some far off place."

"If I can hope for anything with painting, it is to take hold of the viewer and briefly subjugate realism, providing an alternative idea of what walking down the street and exploring our world can look like."


About the Saul Alexander Gallery

The Saul Alexander Gallery provides space for juried solo or group art exhibitions at the Main Library, located at 68 Calhoun Street in downtown Charleston, SC. Gallery submissions will be accepted starting Sept. 1, 2017, and preference is given to work that reflects the varied experiences and viewpoints of South Carolina residents. Download the 2017 artists booklet.

The works of each selected artist or group will be exhibited for one month beginning February 2018. Artist submissions must include a gallery application, which is available online or by calling 843-805-6840. For more information, please email [email protected].

Gallery Procedures

The exhibition space serves as an avenue for the respectful exchange of artistic and conceptual ideas within a diverse constituency. Featured artists are selected by a jury of local art professionals, and the CCPL Gallery Committee selects artists and craftsmen on the basis of the quality of their work and its suitability for the space.


Schedule of Exhibits

November Brad Carroll Civil Landscapes
December Lisa Van Raalte Lowcountry Abstract
January Andy Brack Cuba, 2015

Previously in the Gallery

October - Barbara Montgomery

"The imagery in my paintings is gathered from specific environments that are my retreats. My personal places are on the water, where my only distraction is the sun setting on the changing tides. Whether it is in the calm, rolling waters of the early morning, or in the energetic warmth as the sun declines, the water decides my pace. Through the use of a warmly muted color palette and dense paint application, I replicate the calming effect these landscapes have on me."


September - Rachel Jones Barns

Silver Linings is an expanding body of work that examines the multiple layers of relationships, a merging of flawed personalities and often unrealistic expectations much like the mixing of two chemicals to produce varying reactions—from brilliant flames, to volatile and corrosive elements. Time creates opportunities to comfort, renew, or lose oneself in this self-made universe, just as trials, unexpected circumstances, and differences may expose weaknesses and forge cracks.


August - David R. Warren

"This show is a reflection of a life spent throughout the South—from Key West through the Gulf and into Charleston by way of Savannah and the Midlands of South Carolina. These paintings and sculptures are a reflection of my South and the beautiful towns and cities she harbors. I found a handful of photos I had taken as a youth in Florida and Savannah, and those photos—along with newer ones of Charleston churches, residential architecture, and marshes—inspired these paintings."


July - Beth Melton-Seabrook

"Having painted my fair share of octopuses over the past few years, I feel as if the creature is my kindred spirit. It represents things I have aspired to lately: flexibility—both physically and emotionally—adaptability to uncomfortable situations, and the ability to escape these precarious situations if necessary."


June - Peter Scala

“My paintings come about in much the same way. I do not seek subjects; they are found as the result of a happy accident of view, experience, or a sketch.” His exhibition, Contemplate, showcases this. The paintings are witty, challenging, and provocative. As you look at his work, muse a little, free your mind, and enjoy its stimulating viewing.