About L²: Limitless Learning

Thanks to a continued partnership between the Charleston County Public Library (CCPL) and Charleston County School District (CCSD), Charleston County students have been automatically registered for a free L2 (L Squared) account.

L Squared gives students the ability to borrow books, movies, and other items from any of our library locations around Charleston County. The account also gives students access to digitally borrow materials that are available for downloading or streaming online including ebooks, movies and music. In addition, you can connect to more than 100 subscription databases for free. 

L Squared was created to better connect students to the library's free resources and services, and using the program is simple. Check out the FAQs below for information on how to use L Squared, what students can access with the account, and more. Have more questions? Just email [email protected] or contact your local library branch

Want to learn even more about the new program? Check out the letter that's going out to each CCSD student/parent.

Have fun exploring all the library has to offer and enjoy your limitless learning with L Squared!


How do I access library resources with L Squared?

With L Squared, there is no physical library card needed. Students simply use their CCSD username as their library account number, and the last four digits of their student ID as their password.

Library User Name: CCSD Student Username
Library User Password: The last four digits of CCSD Student ID*

*Please note, the User Password cannot be changed.

Example: For John Doe, it’s the first three letters of last name first three letters of first name last four digits of ID number = doejoh1234.

Sora (Overdrive for Education), connects the district to the library system. When a student is logged into the school library’s digital collection, they can now simply toggle between the school district digital library and CCPL’s to unlock even more age-appropriate books and audiobooks.


Are there reservation limits for library materials?

You may place a hold on any circulating library item, and a maximum of 25 items may be reserved at one time.


How do I reserve library materials?

Library materials can be reserved in person, over the phone, or online. To reserve materials online, you must have your L Squared account number and password. As a reminder, your password is the last four digits of your CCSD student ID number.


How can I reserve non-traditional materials?

The library offers a number of non-traditional materials, such as Wi-Fi hotspots, digital magnifiers, electricity usage monitors, and more. They can all be checked out and reserved just like any other library material. When you stop by your branch to check out any of the devices, the librarians will give you additional information for their care and transport. Please note that some non-traditional items have age restrictions, or require an Internet Usage Agreement.


How will I know when my requested items are ready to pick up?

You will receive email notifications from the library to your CCSD email account. These emails will include notifications when your holds are ready for pickup, reminder of due dates and overdue materials and other account-related information.


Are there fines or fees?

As our regular library accounts, L Squared accounts are also fine-free, which means you will not accrue late fees or fines for materials returned beyond the due date. While you will not be charged, we ask that you be mindful and considerate of others who are waiting to check out those items. So, please return your items by the due dates. Also, while late fees will not be charged, a lost item fee will apply if the item is not returned after 47 days from the due date. Unpaid lost item fees will not be referred to a collection agency for the L Squared accounts. However, multiple lost items could result in the revoking or suspension of your library account.


Are computers available to the public?

Students' L Squared accounts provide them automatic access to internet use on the library's public computers. Students who wish to access the internet on computers at CCPL branches must abide by the system's rules for internet use in the library. Internet use will be managed in a manner consistent with the library's Code of Conduct, which has been adopted by the Board of Trustees and is posted in the library and online. All Library Internet Stations use web filtering technology. Failure to use the Internet stations appropriately and responsibly as defined in the Library’s Computer, Printing, and Internet Use Policy will result in revocation of Internet privileges and/or library use privileges. Anyone who instructs or demonstrates to another person how to bypass web-filtering technology will have Internet privileges and/or library use privileges revoked. The Computer, Printing, and Internet Use Policy may be found on the library’s website or by request at a library branch.

Parents may opt students out of internet use by submitting a form online at https://www.ccpl.org/internet-access-opt-out-form or may request a paper form at their local branch. Opting out would prohibit the student’s access to using the public computers at a library branch. However, Wi-Fi access cannot be blocked and anyone may access the Wi-Fi using their own devices.


My borrowed library item is lost/damaged. What do I do?

L Squared account holders are responsible for the replacement cost of lost or damaged items. Please contact the branch the item was checked out from and ask for the Circulation department.


What do I do if an item is due before I'm done with it?

Two renewals per item are allowed unless there is a waiting list for that item. 

Items can be renewed in person, over the phone or online by selecting the Log In link at the top of every page. To renew online, you must have your L Squared account number and your 4 digit password. 


What should I do if I turned in an item but my account shows it's still checked out?

Call the branch location where you returned the item and ask for the Circulation department.


Can I print from my phone or tablet?

Yes; CCPL now offers mobile printing to better serve customers on the go. No flash drive? No problem! Library patrons now have the ability to use a personal computer or mobile device to email documents to the library’s public printers and then visit their preferred branch to release, pick up and pay for their documents. This service is made available through the Princh website and free app for iOS and Android devices.

Each branch has its own website address:

Baxter-Patrick James Island

Bees Ferry West Ashley




Folly Beach

Hurd/St. Andrews

John's Island



Mt. Pleasant

North Charleston


Poe/Sullivan's Island

St. Paul's Hollywood



West Ashley