What can I borrow from CCPL and for how long?
Media Type Loan Period Borrow Limit Overdue Charges
Books 28 days Unlimited No late fee
Audiobook CDs 28 days Unlimited $0.20/day
Musical CDs 28 days Unlimited $0.20/day
Audiobooks and eBooks 14 days 4/cardholder N/A
DVDs and Blu-Rays 7 days 10/cardholder $0.20/day
New Books 14 days Unlimited No late fee
Telescopes 7 days 1/cardholder $5/day
Digital Magnifiers 14 days 1/cardholder $5/day
Kill-A-Watt Electricity
Usage Meter
7 days Unlimited $0.20/day
Sprint Mobile Hotspot 28 days 1/cardholder $1/day
Kajeet Mobile Hotspot 28 days 1/cardholder $1/day
Career Connection Kits 28 days 1/cardholder $1/day

Note: Reference or SC Room items cannot leave the library. Ask a librarian whether the library owns circulating copies.

Where do I return the items I borrowed?

Library materials may be returned to any Charleston County Public Library branch or the bookmobile. Book drops are available at all  branch locations. 

To avoid fines, an item that is not fine-free must be returned by the date printed on the date due card or receipt. If any item is not returned and is marked lost on a patron's record, the patron will be charged the replacement cost of the item.

My borrowed library item is lost/damaged. What do I do?

Library cardholders are responsible for the replacement cost of lost or damaged items. Please contact the branch the item was checked out from and ask for the Circulation department.

There is no fee to county residents for an initial library card. The replacement cost for media containers is $5; individual audio book cassettes or CDs cost $7.

What are the fees if items are not returned on time?

All CCPL materials (except books, Book Club Kits and Storytime Kits) are 20 cents per day, up to a maximum of $5 per item, except the telescopes and digital magnifiers, which are $5 per day up to a maximum of $125, and the mobile hotspots, which are $1 per day up to a maximum of $42. 

Can I pay my fines electronically?

Patrons may pay fines and fees by credit card, debit card or PayPal account via the Classic Catalog. Currently, CCPL is working to make that feature available within accounts on the main CCPL website. Payments may be made for an entire item fine or group of item fines or fees where the total exceeds $1.99. Partial payment of an item fine or payment of a fine less than $2 will not be accepted by credit card, debit card or PayPal account.

Patrons can also pay by credit or debit card at self-check kiosks at any library branch.

What happens if I don't pay my fines?

Charleston County Public Library first tries to collect any overdue fines or materials by sending emails directly to patrons who have requested email notifications. Once an account becomes 42 days overdue and has a balance of $25 or more, it will be sent to Unique Management Services, a collection agency. 

Although the majority of patrons return items on time and in good condition, there are a few who receive email notifications and do not respond to overdue notices sent by the Library. It is important to have these items returned so they can be available for other customers to use and enjoy. 

How do I prevent my account from going to collection?

The best way to avoid collection activity is to keep your account in good standing. This can be done by:

  • Returning or renewing items before they become overdue. Items may be returned to any branch of the library.
  • Taking advantage of renewals. Most items can be renewed twice, if there are no hold requests for that item from other patrons and your account is in good standing. You can renew items online by logging into your account with your Library Card Number and PIN by clicking the Log In link at the top of every page. You can also renew materials by visiting a branch library or by calling 843-805-6833.
  • Contacting any branch of the library when items cannot be found.
  • Updating your contact email address as needed to ensure that you receive overdue notices.
  • Signing up for e-mail notification and reminders to let you know as soon as possible if an item is overdue, and then responding to overdue notices promptly.


What should I do if I turned in an item but my account shows it's still checked out?

Call the branch location where you returned the item and ask for the Circulation department.