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Programming Guidelines

Charleston County Public Library (CCPL) supports its mission to connect our diverse community to information, foster lifelong learning and enrich lives by developing and presenting programs that provide additional opportunities for these goals. Programming is an integral component of library service that:

  • Provides opportunities for continuing education and lifelong learning
  • Foster literacy, workforce development, educational success and community engagement
  • Serve our community’s diversity through engaging entertainment, enrichment and opportunities to encounter new ideas and learn new skills
  • Offers a dynamic exchange of information
  • Facilitates wide-ranging discussions and supports civic dialogue
  • Fosters community networks and introduces residents
  • Allows exploration of ideas in a safe environment
  • Enhances the library’s role as a community resource
  • Introduces patrons and non-users to library resources, services or programs
  • Builds stronger communities
  • Expands the visibility of the library

The Library’s staff use the following criteria in making decisions about program topics, speakers, and accompanying resources:

  • Meets community needs and interests
  • Availability of program space
  • Presentation quality
  • Presenter background/qualifications in content area
  • Budget
  • Historical or educational significance
  • Connection to other community programs, exhibitions or events
  • Relation to Library collections, resources, exhibits and programs

The library does not offer programs of a purely commercial nature. Library programs must have a special educational, informational, or cultural value to the community. Examples of programs that would be considered of a commercial nature include, but are not limited to, presentations offered for free but with the intention of soliciting future business. 

Due to the high volume of proposals that we receive, Library staff will respond only to the proposals for which we see a potential programming opportunity. Submissions will be kept on file for future consideration. 

All proposed presenters or programmers must submit a Program Proposal Form.

We plan far in advance for our library programs. Please submit the form no later than three months before the proposed event. 


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