The Revolutionary War Rolls were filmed by the National Archives in 1957. They consist of two rolls of microfilm, an index roll that includes all the colonies/ states and their military organizations during the Revolution, and a second roll of actual records, which only includes the information for South Carolina units. These records have not been transcribed and are sometimes hard to read, as the film is comprised of duplicates of the original records.

Roll 1C: This roll of film contains the index for the second roll of material. It is indexed by the name of the organization or unit, which are then given a corresponding number, 1-12. The index also lists the commanding officers for each organization. The second roll of film is organized by military organization, 1-12, and then is broken down further by commanding officer and his regiment/ unit. To find an individual on Roll 2C, a researcher must know what unit/organization the soldier would have served in, since there is no index for individual troops (please see example sheets.) The twelve organizations for South Carolina are on pages 103-104.

If the researcher doesn’t already know what unit the troop was in, they can refer to Moss, Bobby Gilmer. Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution, which is cataloged as 973.3457 MOSS. The book lists all known SC patriots in alphabetical order and also lists what organization they served in. With this information, patrons can check the index on Roll 1C to see if that unit is included on the film.

Roll 2C: This roll is also not transcribed and does not have page numbers; it is organized by military organization, 1-12. It includes muster rolls, which are organized alphabetically and usually appear at the start of each organization’s section. Roll 2C also has an assortment of pay rolls, ‘strength returns’, casualty listings, and other miscellaneous information on the personnel. *Please read carefully; some of the writing is faded.

Patrons may also be interested in the Revolutionary War Service Records and Accounts Audited Records on microfilm.

SCR 973.3457 Andrews South Carolina Revolutionary War Indents: A Schedule
SCR 929.3 Clark Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War
SCR 929.1 Ervin South Carolinians in the Revolution
SCR 973.3457 Gregg Roster of Patriots Serving with Francis Marion
SCR 929.3 South Copy of the Original Index Book Showing the Revolutionary Claims  Filed in South Carolina Between August 20, 1783 and August 31, 1786
GENEALGY 929.3016 Horowitz A Bibliography of Military Name Lists From Pre-1675 to 1900: A Guide to Genealogical Sources, p. 383-393 (articles and sources on the Revolutionary War in SC)
GENEALGY 929.373 Bockstru Revolutionary War Pensions: Awarded by State Governments 1775-1874, the General and Federal Governments Prior to 1814, and by Private Acts of Congress to 1905
GENEALGY 973.34 Bockstru Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants
GENEALGY 973.34 Heitman Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army
GENEALGY 973.34 White Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files
GENEALGY 973.35 Claghorn Naval Officers of the American Revolution
SCR 973.3 Daughters American Revolution Roster, Fort Sullivan (later Fort  Moultrie), 1776-1780
SCR 973.34 DeSaussure Officers Who Served in South Carolina Regiments
SCR 973.3457 Moss The Patriots at Cowpens
SCR 973.3457 Moss The Loyalists in the Siege of Fort Ninety Six 
SCR 973.3457 Moss The Patriots at Kings Mountain
SCR 973.34 Pruitt Revolutionary War Pension Applicants Who Served from South Carolina
SCR 973.34 Records Records of the Regiments of the South Carolina Line in the Revolutionary War
SCR 973.3457 Boddie Marion's Men, a List of Twenty-five Hundred
SCR 973.3457 Moss Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution
SCR 975.7 Draine Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants in South Carolina
SCR 975.7 S An Order Book of the Third Regiment, South Carolina Line, Continental Establishment, December 23, 1776-May 2, 1777
SCR 975.7 South Accounts Audited of Revolutionary Claims Against South Carolina
SCR 975.7 South Stub Entries to Indents Issued in Payment of Claims Against South Carolina Growing Out of the Revolution
SCR 975.7915 Selected Selected Final Pension Payment Vouchers, 1818-1864: South Carolina: Charleston
SCR 973.345747 Strange The Revolutionary Soldiers of Catholic Presbyterian Church Chester County, South Carolina
SCR microfilm: 165 reels Accounts Audited of Claims Growing Out of the Revolution in South Carolina (also called SC American Revolutionary Service Claims)
SCR microfilm: 9 reels Compiled Service Records of Soldiers Who Served in the American Army During the Revolutionary
War: South Carolina 
SCR microfilm: 1 reel Lists of North Carolina and South Carolina Troops and of Officers and Men of Continental Organizations Raised From More Than One State
SCR microfilm: 2 reels Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783, South Carolina