Some people may have a hard time finding free and reliable access to the Internet. Here are areas to find free internet access.

Free Wi-Fi Access at CCPL
Charleston County Public Library is offering free Wi-Fi access in the public areas outside currently open branches, and inside branches offering in-person services. For a full list of branch locations, visit or text a librarian at 843-418-4114 

Comcast Hotspots
Providing free Wi-Fi hotspots at local businesses and outdoor locations across the country. Visit the Xfinity site for a map of locations and download the X-finity app to connect. You must sign up for X-finity Wi-Fi (at no additional cost) in order to access. 

SC Wifi Hotspots
Palmetto Care Connections provides a map of SC school bus hotspots, school Wi-Fi hotspots and phone company hotspots.