Tuesday, November 02, 2021 Gerald Moore/Workforce Development Team

CHARLESTON, S.C. - A partnership between a job seeker and an employer brokered by a staffing agency is beneficial to both parties.  They aim to match the right job candidates with the right position.  These agencies serve as the ‘middle-man’ providing input that saves time for both employees and employers.  They are organizations that match companies and job candidates.  When a job seeker registers with a staffing agency, they have the potential to make connections with multiple hiring managers looking to find the right people in their specific industry. The positions are sometimes temporary but can be part-time or full time.  Job seekers are given the opportunity to start working in a new industry to gain experience and test new positions before committing to them.  Staffing agencies, also known as recruitment firms or temp agencies, usually specialize in a particular industry.

From the job opening to hiring, staffing agencies typically follow a protocol like this:


Employers contact the agency when they need to hire new staff.  They contact a staffing agency specializing in their industry.  The employer specifies the job requirements, number of employees needed, pay rate, as well as when and how long staff need to work.

Based on this information, the staffing agency composes a job description and advertises it on its website or other job boards.


Jobseekers can browse a job opening on the staffing agency’s website.  Most staffing agencies will have the job candidate to submit an application and resume on their website.  Their recruiters will review the documents, possibly ask that you take a skills test, then schedule a phone, online or in-person interview.

Candidates should find a staffing agency specializing in their field of interest. This can often lead to a perfect employment opportunity being found quickly.  Staffing agencies have contacts with companies in the specific sector you are seeking to work in and are trained to evaluate your skills and education.  It is important to effectively and truthfully share your employment experience, work habits, career goals, and workplace culture preference.  This information will be used to connect you with the best potential employer.  A good agency will take the time to interview you, exchange feedback and coach you through the hiring process.

Staffing agencies normally provide these services to the job seeker for free.  The employer pays staffing agencies directly while they assist organizations with their hiring process.

There might be deductions on the paycheck of the jobseeker once hired, but the amount paid should correspond to what the employer would have paid them directly. 


When you meet and interview with a staffing agency’s recruiter, you should act the same way you would with an employer.  Dress professionally, arrive on time, and rehearse your presentation in order to leave a good impression.  After all, it is the recruiter deciding if you will be a good match for a company.

Be honest about your situation. Explain clearly what type of job you are looking for.  Talk about the minimum salary you expect and job’s location.  You might not be able or willing to work a certain distance from your home.  Be transparent and make sure to clarify these points.  The recruiter takes all of this information into account when determining the best fit for you.

Do you have any gaps in your employment history?  Were you ever terminated from a job? It is important to explain all of these things to the recruiter because it will prepare them for speaking to the employer on your behalf.

Use the staffing agency to improve your skills.  Many agencies offer free training and courses to help candidates become more marketable.  The types of employment scenarios offered by staff agencies can be advantageous for a job seeker. 


Temporary Jobs: Businesses look to fill temporary positions when an employee is on leave, during peak seasons or sometimes a temporary worker is brought onto help with a specific project.   These positions can range from lasting just a few days or weeks to months.

Temp-to-Hire Jobs: These positions are more of a trial basis for an employee.  It is a way for a company to get acquainted with an employee before committing to them as the permanent hire. In these instances, the agency will pay the employee during the trial, and then the company will take over if the candidate becomes a permanent hire.

Permanent Jobs: In some cases, the client company pays the staffing agency to act as a recruiter.  In these situations, the agency is responsible for finding, interviewing, and hiring candidates on behalf of the company. The candidate is then an employee of the client company.

Our Workforce Development Taskforce Team has compiled a list of local staffing agencies.  Contact information has been listed for convenience, but you should click on the links provided to access the specific websites of these agencies to learn more about the kinds of industry fields and areas of specialty that these firms work with.

Aerotek – Specializes in staffing light industrial, skills trade labor, and construction jobs
4401 Belle Oaks Drive, Suite 400
North Charleston, SC 29405
(843) 746-5800

Bridges Staffing Agency – Works with a diverse range of industries including hospitality, skilled labor, and medical staffing
4000 Faber Place Suite 300
North Charleston, SC 29405
(843) 396-3709 / Email: [email protected]

Charles Foster Staffing – Professional staffing and recruiting service; Works with staffing management, marketing, sales, legal and bookkeeping positions.
3436 Rivers Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29405
(843) 572-8100 / Email: [email protected]

Coastal Resource Staffing- Serving industries of residential and commercial construction, hospitality, and automotive
6145 Savannah Highway
Ravanel, SC 29470
(843) 576-4496 / Email: [email protected]

EmployPro Staffing Services- Staffs administrative, logistics and technical skills areas
3294 Ashley Phosphate Road
Suite 2-A
North Charleston, SC 29418
(843) 329-7997 / Email: [email protected]

Hire Quest Direct of Charleston – Provides staffing in construction, janitorial, warehousing, recycling, administrative and accounting positions.
Goose Creek
111 Springhall Drive                                             
Goose Creek, SC 29445                    
(800) 835-6755

498 Meeting Street
Charleston, SC 29403   
(843) 723- 5650   

North Charleston
2030 Hawthorne Drive
North Charleston, SC 29406
(843) 225- 3022

Corporate Office
1731 North Main Street
Suite F
Summerville, SC 29483
(843) 302-8924

Kelly Services – Specializes in staffing professional, industrial, educational, clinical, engineering, and technology positions
5900 Core Avenue
Suite 400
North Charleston, SC 29406
(843) 747-4826

Labor Finders- Staffs construction to waste management positions; Also finds openings in landscaping, manufacturing, hospitality, and retail
5000 Rivers Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29406
(843) 554-1179

MAU Workforce Solutions – Offers opportunities at top Low Country companies like Robert Bosch, LLC, Gildan, Mercedes Benz, Cummins Turbo Technologies, SC Ports Authority, Volvo Cars, and more.
8740 North Park Boulevard
Suite 100
North Charleston, SC 29406
(843) 767-7610

McNaughton Staffing- Staffs hospitality, construction, manufacturing, medical, and administrative positions.
1637 Savannah Highway
Suite 201
Charleston, SC 29407
(843) 556-1505
Email: [email protected]

Randstad North Charleston – Specializing in office, administrative, manufacturing and logistics jobs
4952 Centre Pointe Drive
Building 2 A
Suite 103
North Charleston, SC 29418
(843) 745-2289

Staff Zone Staffing- Staffs construction, light industrial, and special events industries jobs.  Specializes in skills and trades.
1653 Remount Road
Charleston, SC 29406
(843) 308-9663
Email: [email protected]


With a little bit of practice and self-patience, you will be ready to take on the next steps in your future career.  If you would like more information about how to apply for jobs online, assistance in finding resources, tips on how to get the job-hunting process started or more, please reach out to us at CCPL by email, chat, or text. Remember, you are not alone.